Come to Finland



„Come to Finland“ takes the visitor on a journey into poster art. Around 80 posters produced since 1853 advertise in bright colors for the young nation Finland. The center of the exhibition is 150 years of Finnish graphic design and various
techniques of color printing. The traveling exhibition is a project of the Finnish collector Magnus Londen.


Deep blue water with a tiny ship surrounded by forests or distant mountain huts amidst a snowy landscape. Finland is the land of the 1000 lakes and a place of yearning. After the independence of Finland exactly 100 years ago. The country first had to reposition itself on the international stage. Emerging tourism was a great way to reach out to travelers around the world. Finland came on the tourist map as a scenic paradise and since then has captivated people.
This was recognized a few years ago by the collector Magnus Londen. He was walking through Helsinki one day and saw an original poster from the 1930s on a shop window. The motif: An elegant lady drink a glass of champagne. In the background the city of Helsinki. This poster gave him the impetus to become a „poster hunter“. So his collection of more than 100 vintage posters was created, which is now presented in Leipzig.


„Come to Finland“ is a homage to the Finnish poster art of the last 150 years. The exhibition will show around 80 posters designed in the style of the time and produced in techniques such as letterpress, color lithography and offset printing. The graphic design of the posters was done by artists from Finland like Osmo K. Oksanen, Erik Bruun and Jorma Suhonen. But also designers from Germany like Adolf Bock, Alfred Mahlau and Wilhelm Hanken were represented. The exhibition also shows posters that have been created during a competition over the last few years, which represent a transition between past and present. From the 1960s, the graphic arts was increasingly displaced by photography.


© Erkki Hölttä, 1948, Come to Finland

© Heikki Athiala, 1950,Come to Finland

© Ingrid Bade, 1936, Come to Finland




Guided Tours (in German)

  • Guided Tours on following Sundays, 12 pm:
    28.1., 25.2., 18.3. und 15.4.2018 (additional tours)
  • Tour 60+: Tuesday, 6.2., 27.2., 20.3. and 10.4., 3 pm 
    (reduced entrance fee for visitors 60+)
  • Wednesday, 11. April, 7 pm, lection (Free entrance)
    Frans Eemil Sillanpää, Finlands Nobelist of Lliterture, and his novel »Jung entschlafen«, in cooperation with Finnland-Institut and Guggolz-Verlag, Berlin

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