Dafi Kühne: Buchdruck­plakate?



Do posters printed in letterpress printing make sense at all in times of digital design and personalized online advertising? The poster creations of the Swiss graphic designer and letterpress printer Dafi Kühne say unequivocally: Yes!


In the exhibition around 100 letterpress posters can be seen, underpinning this "yes". For the design, Dafi Kühne uses a wide variety of tools from computers to pantographs and implements his ideas on printing presses from the 1960s.


They are posters for art and culture that show the great potential of book printing. Almost any material can be used, from traditional means such as lead typesetting, wooden type or plastic type, to clichés and linocuts, to experimental materials such as laser cuts, milled type, textile materials, cast surfaces or objects.


Thus, the rather rigid system of lead typesetting is broken up creatively and opens up a large scope with a variety of possibilities for exciting combinations. 



Dafi Kühne, Letterpressplakat, »Fuck Zoom Meetings«, 2021

»100 Jahre Kulturgesellschaft Glarus«, Letterpressplakat, 2020

»Kotzfrucht in der Zitrone«, Letterpressplakat, 2022

»Therma«, Letterpressplakat, 2022



Supporters: Swisslos Kulturförderung des Kantons Glarus and Pro Helvetia Schweizer Kulturstiftung


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