35. Leipzig Graphics Exchange „PARADOX“



"PARADOX" is the title of the 35th edition of the Leipzig Graphics Exchange. At the invitation of the Verein Leipziger Grafikbörse e.V., 100 artists take part. The artists are predominantly from the central German states of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. Leipzig is a focal point. Among the participants are veterans such as Karl-Georg Hirsch or Rolf Münzner as well as representatives of the middle generation, young artists as well as students. In addition guests come, f. i. from Cologne or Holland. They all created works in a variety of printmaking techniques.
Paradox - the adjective with Greek-Latin roots has long since become part of the vernacular. With him seemingly contradictory statements, states and sensitivities are called, which oppose the common opinion. In terms of behavior, facts, feelings and people, a deeper understanding of paradox often results in a clearer understanding of the facts and circumstances. This ambiguity can lead to contradictory considerations in society such as literature, music and visual art, have a liberating effect and resolve contradictions.


The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalog with an overview of all works. Available in the museum shop for 10 euros. All work can also be purchased.

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